Thursday, September 20, 2012

Little things...

Dear Heidi,

Today we got some great news. I had found small lumps in your breast tissue a little while ago, and had them tested; they came back as fatty tissue, or a "lipoma". Well, the other night, I found another one that I knew was not there at the last testing. I decided to take you in this morning and see our favorite vet, Dr. Bennett, so she could take a look.

Well, great news again. She tested the new one, and retested the others and they all came back as lipomas! Yay! No more MCT's, and no mammary cancer =0) They're little lumps, but boy do they give you a big scare when you find them!

When we got home, you showed me something that reminded me to appreciate all of the other little things-instead of dwelling on the little things that you cant do, or that are becoming more difficult with age, you showed me the little things that you still CAN do...and reminded me that if you need help, you'll ask for it.

I had just gotten into bed, preparing to write this blog, and Shelby jumped up with me, as she always does. You started to bark, so I told you to "find your stairs" and see if you could make it up. I waited for a minute and then saw your fluffy head and ears peek over the end of the bed. I patted the mattress while encouraging you to "come up". You turned around skillfully on the top stair, looking like you were going to head back down, but you surprised me and jumped up on the bed! You COULD do it!!! I was so proud, and told you so while I kissed and snuggled with you.

It was really important to you to be able to do had a happy look on your face, and a triumphant gleam in your eye as you made it all the way up. I'm so lucky that I'm paying attention enough to notice these little things that you and your sister do every day. Like still wanting to play a hard game of frisbee. Or Shelby rolling in the wet grass this morning. Little things that just make me happy, seeing you happy. I hope to never see those go away...

Thank you my loves, for all the lessons you've taught me, and are still willing to teach...even if your student is a little slow...
Lots of love,

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  1. That's great news :) They open our eyes to what really matters. A cuddle and they help ease the troubles :)