Friday, September 28, 2012

Sore Sniffer

Dear Shelby,

You have a sore sniffer! Momma found a gauge on your nose last night, and it looks pretty painful. Of course you'd never let on...your stoic attitude means that if I wasn't so obsessed with checking every square inch of you every day, I may not have even noticed. You haven't been pawing at it or anything. But, my poor baby, its pretty red-raw, and your little nose print circle things are scraped off =0( I put some vitamin E oil on it last night, and it looks better. Of course you wanted to lick it off right away, but even your long Shelby tongue couldn't quite reach it all.

I think what happened, is when I brought you over "other mummas" (my mothers) house, her dog Brandy, stuck her paw through the gate and scratched you good. I know you try and be on your best sheltie behavior, but it is truly hard when Brandy is around. Shes young, and doesn't always necessarily speak good "dog". She thinks that your "mean teeth" aren't scary at all, and that by you growling at her means you MUST want to play. I try and keep her separated, but sometimes accidents happen. And I think this was one of those times.

I'm sorry I didn't keep a better eye and protect you more. I'm usually better at that. And I'm sorry it took me so long to notice your poor nose. I'm going to get the vitamin E right now, and put some more on it to see if we can heal it a little bit quicker.

I promise to keep a better eye on Brandy next time we go over, and not let her harass you as much. Again, I'm sorry I failed you.

Mumma loves you so much, my little snuggler,

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