Friday, August 10, 2012

So busted...

Dear Shelby,

You, my dear, are so busted. I put some lunch in the microwave the other day, and so had to take the can of cat food out. We buy the big 12oz cans because they last 3 meals, and we keep it in the microwave to prevent the cats from eating it all. So anyways, I guess I left the can on the stove under the microwave and forgot to place it back where it belongs.

Needless to say, I got up to do some laundry a few hours later and found an EMPTY, LICKED CLEAN can with, and I couldn't believe this, PUNCTURE HOLES in it!!!! It appears as though one of the cats knocked the can onto the floor where one of you four dogs proceeded to eat not only the food, but the can! Well...we didn't know who had done it at first, but we had our suspicions.

We figured it was you because, well, you'll eat any food in any form.You're the only dog Ive seen eat lettuce, whole blueberries, bananas, raw meat and bones etc. We call you the garbage disposal because we haven't found a food yet that you wont eat. Where other dogs will turn their nose up at something or spit it out because of the texture, you will eat questions asked, no chewing required.

The really nice thing about you though, is that you don't eat things that aren't actually food. Where your sister still eats socks and underwear at 10, and where the cats will make off with things made of plastic or string, you stick to food items only. It makes me feel much better that you at least wont end up with a foreign body...

So although we suspected you, there wasn't enough evidence to convict. Or so we thought. Tonight when you decided to get lovey with me, I noticed something odd about your face. You seem to have brown smeared into your white fur! The kind of smear job that would result from sticking your long, pointy, sheltie nose into a can of contraband. Yeah...we now know who we can point the finger at!

So I'm glad it was just cat food, and I'm glad after a long exam, you don't seem to have any broken teeth or torn up seem to have come away from this little adventure unscathed. Maybe next time you can exercise a little Sheltie control and walk AWAY from the can of cat food. Id blame the prednisone you are on for your skin, but I know that it would be a've always loved food!!

So my sweet Shelby, you are now busted. There is no punishment awaiting you, just a good face wash...

xoxo all  my love

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