Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fun and Games

Dear Heidi and Shelby,

Did you know that I love your fun and games? I love how even at 9 1/2 and 10, you still love to play. Heidi, my favorite part of the day is when I'm sitting on the couch and you give me "the look". Shelties have a lot of "looks" (when they want to eat, when they want to go out, when you're disturbing them while they're sleeping...) but this look is different. you walk over to me with determination on your face, and a sparkle of mischief in your eyes. I ask "do you want a toy?" and you immediately set off to find one, usually your pink crinkle squeeky bone that you love so much. You love a lot of toys: your chuck-it with its squeeky tennis ball that we play with at the park, your frisbee flying squirrel...but your pink bone is your favorite. I remember buying it at the West Palm Beach airport on my way home from visiting my grandmother in Florida. I thought you'd like it and I was right. You took to it immediately!

You've been through a lot with your toys; pink bone has been put away and revived more times than I can count. And flying squirrel...well that's been to hell and back. Its been stuck on the roof, an apple tree at Dog Mountain in Vermont, and down almost the whole river at The Basin in New Hampshire. But squirrel always seems to make it (thank doG) and you generally take good care of your toys (squirrels mishaps usually come from bad throws by me!)

You even have special toys that we play with when we get to do agility. Because we only see these toys when you're working, they're EXTRA special...and you make the most out of the time you have with them.

I love taking you to the beach or lake and watching you do water retrieves. You never go in deeper than your chest, which warrants toy rescues by mumma so they don't get lost, but when you do get them you do it with gusto-sticking your whole nose in the water and grabbing it like the toys life depends on it. And I love finding new toys that you'll play the new UFO toy we bring to the beach =0)

You, Shelby, on the other hand, really couldn't be bothered with toys. Sure, you'll play shuck-it and frisbee with you feel like it, but toys in the house you couldn't care less about. And forget it when we're at the beach. That's seagull chasing time! You're on patrol like David Hasselhoff on baywatch. Lord help any of those birds when they land on YOUR beach! The same goes for the farm-chasing small birds is almost as fun, and when the Canadian geese show up in the fall...its all over. You're like James Bond on a mission...nothing is going to stop you. Yet you maintain perfect recall and will stop on a dime if I give the softest call. You truly are amazing.

As much as I love all of this, all our playing, I wish we could do more. I'm so happy that you two are so active and happy at this age, but I wish I could do more with you. More games that you have fun with. I miss agility. I would love to try rally. And Shelby, you showed real aptitude for nosework at a clinic we went to...I would have loved to sign you up for it. Its ironic, how now that I'm out of work I have all the time in the world for all these things, but no money to support them. I think about going back to work to not only pay the bills but to get you back into these things that you enjoy so much. I wonder, do you miss them? Do you think about the things that you could be doing, and the opportunities that you're missing out on? I often think the same thoughts when I cant get you out...lately its been to hot for all of us to be outdoors enjoying our favorite walks and play. I think I can see the sadness and depression on your face when we cant go out. I just wish I could explain to you the reasons for being housebound,

I hope that your energy, spirit and willingness to play carries on into your golden years. I think it will help if we decide to go into therapy work. And I want you to know it puts a smile on my face every time a toy is picked up or a bird is chased. I love to see you happy and active and hope nothing changes anytime soon.

Good night my sweet girls. The weather is supposed to improve tomorrow, so maybe we can resume some of your favorite games then. Happy dreams, and lots of love....xoxo

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