Friday, July 20, 2012

Letters to the girls: #1

Dear Heidi and Shelby,

I was so happy to take you to the beach today. I knew that you guys were going to have a blast; the weather was sunny with just a hint of hazy clouds making it warm, but not too much so. It was nice and cool in the 70's, so even walking in the sun it wasn't too hot for your sheltie coats.

Shelby, you had such a good time chasing all of the "beach geese" (seagulls) off your beach. No matter how many times, even right in a row that one would fly over, you would go sprinting away barking your little sheltie head off on one simple command from me: "away". You'd come back with the proudest look on your face, a big smile that said "did you see what I did mom?" Id give you a pat on the side and tell you what a good girl you were. After a few runs, you'd come back with "happy tongue" (where the tongue hangs out the side of your mouth) and I know that you felt that you had done your job, and you had done it right. You had my girl, you had.

Heidi on the other hand, you waited somewhat impatiently for what good time you knew was coming. Mom always brings a special toy for you (since you have no interest in flying things) and today you weren't disappointed. Auntie Ginny had bought a UFO toy for her dog, but you quickly took it over with your superior fetching skills. In fact, once you came back with it hanging by just one canine tooth...a very cool trick we all made a big deal over. Sometimes UFO would end up in the water. Usually this didn't stop you from completing the task of retrieving skills but sometimes it would get just out of your reach and momma would have to go in knee deep and rescue it for you. You'd stand on the beach barking your commands to "hurry up and throw it again!" and I of course, complied.

You guys had such a good time seemed so freeing after being in the house the past couple days. I tried to take you yesterday and had everything all planned out, but after having (my) moms dog Brandy knock me over, I knew I couldn't walk and it wouldn't be a good day. Today my leg still hurt, but not bad enough to curb our trip again. I promise we will go back soon. Its so nice to see you running and acting so happy and free. It makes me remember what our wonderful relationship is all about...the good times.

I was reminded of that constantly today, remembering Aunties dog Molly's diagnosis of CHF and knowing she has limited time with those she loves. And then when I got home, I saw a facebook post saying that Judy, Heidi's breeder had lost her very special heart-dog Jackson. Time is short, and we never know when it will be up...we never know what is going to come tomorrow. We have to make the best of today. I hope that I keep doing that and never let you down. There will be a day where we have to say goodbye for now and I hope to remember all of these good times.

I hope to remember laying with you Shelby on the bed tonight and marveling at your feet. How many times had those feet padded over the sand today, running away from me after your "prey" and then dutifully running back to check in with me. I played with the soft curls that your fur makes when it air dries from being wet from the beach water. I looked at the beautiful highlights in your sandy hair.

I love you. Both. So much. Please, never forget that. And I will try to do my part and  remember every day too. Good night my girls. Sleep well.

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