Monday, June 2, 2014

...and ever


Do you want to play some frisbee?
Or how bout I throw the ball?
I think some play time is overdue,
Youre stuck to me like glue
When youre not bouncing off the wall!

Your puppy fluff is fading
Youre growing up so fast,
youre getting just so old,
And every day Im told
That this puppy time wont last...

Or how about some training?
We can work on sit and stay...
Im worried that youre way too smart
And now your in my heart,
and youll never go away...

Youre just about grown up now,
and every single day,
I wish I could just stop time,
and keep you mine,
but it seems I have no say...

You are the smartest dog Ive ever had,
and do agility like a pro
obedience is not so fun,
but we'll soon be done,
and then I guess we dont know...

We have so many chances,
to do what ever it is we please,
Therapy work is just the best,
youve past your test,
and now you put patients minds at ease...

But Im noticing youre getting grayer,
and its harder to get up from the floor,
you walk a little slower now
and dont rush so fast
to go and get out the door...

I worry about your health now,
and how much less you want to play
because some day will come,
when you'll be done,
and youll have to fly away...

I hold you in my arms girl,
and I kiss your fluffy head,
I know our time is running out,
but I cant live without
you sleeping in my bed...

Youve got to go to sleep now,
and when you wake youll be pain free,
I will miss you so so bad,
I think of all we've had,
and I know I need to set you free...

And for the first time in forever,
I'll be without your warmth and love...
Although I know youll always be with me
even just in spirit and memory
Youll be my guardian angel watching from above...

Im missing you already,
even though almost no time has passed
I work through my grief every day,
and I always say
Our love will always last...

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